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Glorious & Free:
The Canadians

We are more than just landscapes, polar bears, Mounties, and canoes. More than just “thank yous,” “sorrys,” hot prime ministers, and doughnut shops. We are also tattoo artists who have discovered the secret to cheating death. Designers hell-bent on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Super soldiers who take “live vests” off suicide bombers. Freethinkers who refuse to be tamed. We are global-village visionaries, world record setters, ambassadors of the imagination, and conquerors of the Rockies. We are Canadian. We are whoever we dream ourselves to be. Meet the glorious and free.

All profits from the sale of this book will go to PEN Canada in support of its efforts to defend freedom of expression. Because living glorious and free involves challenging, exploring, and imagining a better world — and being whoever we dream ourselves to be. And freedom of expression protects our right to do all of that.

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Specifications & Format of the Book:

Authors and creative directors: Kim Bozak and Rita Field-Marsham
Foreword by writer: Yann Martel
Illustrator: Frank Viva
Photographer: Joanne Ratajczak

Hardcover with Dust Jacket: 11x 8 in – 27.94 x 20.32 cm
Weight: 4.5 lbs
400 pages | 478 photographs | 38 illustrations
Categories: Art & Photography, Lifestyle, Portraits, Sociology, History, Success, Biographies, Canada
Publisher: Ambrosia, Imprint of House of Anansi Press
Printed in Canada

ISBN 978-1-4870-0352-4 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-4870-0353-1 (EPUB)
ISBN 978-1-4870-0354-8 (Kindle)

The Canadians

The Authors


Kimberley Bozak and Rita Field-Marsham believe that freedom, our most precious gift, is about choice. In Canada, freedom comes with its own particularly inclusive character: we are free to choose our own paths, and we are accepting of others to do the same. The result is a thriving, diverse, and just society. But freedom is a complex right – the more we have it, the greater risk of not using it. Based on their gratitude for our glorious lives in Canada, Kimberley and Rita founded the Glorious & Free Group to inspire people to make a conscious choice how to live their lives fully, with passion and conviction, and to champion and celebrate our uniquely Canadian idea of freedom and the power it has to transform lives.

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